English summary about my website "Piano-expertise"

- Advice
If you want to buy or sell a piano it's a good idea to get professional advice. At a shop you will get warranty, delivery and the first tuning included with the price. Buying form a private party can be a bargain, but also end in disaster if after purchase and transport the severe problems and costly repairs become evident. I can give you objective advice about the piano and tell you whether the price is realistic.

- Tuning & Maintenance
Tuning the piano is a very difficult skill: it takes years to master this craft.
Dedicated software which is really useful for experienced aural tuners is available since 1995.
During a tuning session minor repairs and regulation is included in the tuning fee.

- Piano rental
My system for renting a piano is different and unique: the price is fixed at 30 Euro per month.
This is inclusive tuning, maintenance and repairs. No extra cost. No minimum term. No deposit.
The choice in make or colour is limited, the distance to Delft should be not too far.

- Links
At this page there are links to piano related subjects, theoretical background, art and even to other instruments.
Enjoy the "Piano Tuners Nightmare" and see the last Pleyel grand piano owned by Chopin!

- Information
Feel free to e-mail me in English, French or German, if you have any questions about piano's and piano playing!

Pieter Verhulst


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